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Disposals: Interest Schedule
Disposals: Interest Schedule

How to build your Interest Schedule and export to Word

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One of the main reasons to use the society is to report back to your landlords with the full picture of interest and viewings on their property.


Instantly add society demand and your own enquiries to your disposals' interest schedule and export these requirement to Word.

1. Add matches to your Interest Schedule


2. Organise, add comments and export

Move requirements to the relevant status, be that Enquiries, Viewing, Negotiating or Removed:

Check in on messages sent previously and chase up any you're waiting to hear on:

Add match comments and viewing comments to pull through to your report:

Is it a key enquiry that you want to highlight to the landlord:

After speaking to the agent, if you have an idea of who they're acting on behalf of, you can add this as below to pull through to your report:

Or if you know for sure, you can set to 'Known':

We take the order that the matches display in on your Interest Schedule and pull them through onto the report in the same order, so it's worth re-jigging these if you need to:

Now you are ready to export the Interest Schedule! The grouping and ordering mirrors that of what you see in the list view on the system.

Hit 'Download' on the top right hand side and pick which status's you want to pull through to the report:

You can also set when you last had a meeting with the landlord or provided a report last, so that any new matches since then will be highlighted on the report for you!

The interest schedule opens into Word where you can do some more fine tuning.

See here how the report uses the order we set and the comments added. 

PRO TIP: As it is word you can fine tune things but we always recommend adding your comments to the system so it remembers for next time.

Success - you just exported your first Interest Schedule!

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