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How best to manage & run Longlist and Shortlist reports

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The society is one of the best ways to curate a Longlist or Shortlist by searching the market availability and instantly adding that to your Match List


The Match List is a board of matches that have accumulated over time for your requirement. See below steps to manage and report on matches for your requirement:

2. Organise the matches based on these status':

  1. Longlist. Matches that you initially show to your client to refine

  2. Shortlist. The active matches for your requirement that your client has chosen to proceed with

  3. Viewing. The disposals that your client wants to view or has been to view already

  4. Negotiating. The disposals that you're negotiating a deal on for this requirement

  5. Removed. Previous matches that have been disqualified or have now been completed elsewhere.

    You can drag-and-drop the match to set it's order and also to add it to the relevant section.

3. Add comments

4. Layer costs in the cost calculator

Success - you just organised and managed the matches on your Match List!

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