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Events: Create & Circulate

Create and circulate events in the society calendar

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The society calendar is the best place to plan and add your launches, events and much more. It's centralised and there for all to see.


Find the society event calendar here:

Create and Circulate

1. Provide a name for the event along with whether it is a Provisional date or Confirmed
2. Add the date and time (if provisional you can add another 2 provisional dates at the same time!)
3. If you're hosting with other agents, add them to the event too!
4. Choose which Societies you want to publish this to
5. Set the location, capacity and description for the event
6. Choose if you want to send this round as an email to all members, or for it to just sit the diary (so can be found if someone searches the diary)

Success - you just created and circulated your first society event!

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