Requirements: Match Schedule

How to build your Match List and export to a spreadsheet / presentation

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Add matches to your requirement

A quick video showing you how to add matches to your requirement.


Organise & customise your report

Here we walk through how to organise your matches to get the most out of your exports.


A detailed walk through

We spend a bit of time walking through the finer details to make the most of the match reporting, ideal for forward thinking tenant reps!


Current matches lets me see all the disposals that I have added to the report for my client.

The purpose of the page is simple: start by producing a longlist market report then whittle that down to a shortlist or viewing tour to present to your client.

With that in mind there are 3 things I need to worry about, these can be done from either the list or card view.

  1. Build my matches by accepting requests or searching the market myself

  2. Organise my matches into their logical statuses and add notes to include on my client’s report

  3. Report back to my client with a report in either a spreadsheet, presentation or password protected online version

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