Lesson 4: Creating microsites
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Publish a disposal microsite (one-page scrolling website) to instantly generate a beautiful public-facing website, we'll also feature it within the society to make your listing stand out ⭐️


1. Create your property

Start by adding your property to the system, you can follow this guide. Note: You don't actually need to publish the property to the society to create a microsite.

2. Publishing options > Microsite

On your marketing page select the publish to "Microsite" option. Select the content you want to include on your microsite then press preview or (if happy) publish.

The microsite by default will be branded as per your agency branding. We also offer you the chance to brand the microsite with the building logo and colours.

Whenever you make an update to your property the website will automatically update as well.


3. Optional: Map a custom domain

Let us know if you want us to purchase a custom domain (building-name.com) for your microsite. There is a charge of £30 for a 1 year domain name. Simply message us to request this.


4. Optional: Shout about your listing

Why not send an HTML emailer around the market with a link to your new website. Ask us for more information or read more about HTML emailing here.


For best results ensure your property has:

• Images (at least 5)

• Key points (at least 4)

• Location and description text

• Floor availability defined



Success - you just created your first property microsite!

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