Lesson 3: Creating PDFs
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Automatically generate agency branded particulars from the content you add to the Agents Society. Anytime you make an update to your listing the PDF will automatically update. No more faffing with word docs and remembering to upload them!


1. Create your property

Start by adding your property to the system, you can follow this guide. Note: You don't actually need to publish the property to the society to create a PDF brochure.

2. Publishing options > Particulars (PDF) > Select Template

On your disposal's marketing page select the publish to "Particulars (PDF)" option.

We will have worked with you to create a number of templates to choose from, select the relevant layout you want to use for this brochure:

3. Publish options > Particulars (PDF) > Select Content

You can configure the content you want to include in your PDF brochure by ticking the relevant fields:


4. Publish options > Particulars (PDF) > Preview & Publish

Once happy you can preview the PDF, check the content and adjust the content if appropriate. Once you press publish the PDF brochure will be added to your listing to the society and any other place you have published the listing (e.g. your own website, property portals).


For best results ensure your property has:

• Images (at least 2)

• Key points (at least 4)

• Location and description text

• Floor availability defined



Success - you just created your first property PDF property brochure!

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