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πŸ“– Guide: Store your own cost details
πŸ“– Guide: Store your own cost details

Add & amend the costs associated to your active matches

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Disposal listings may only have guide prices, price ranges or missing details which stops you being able to produce an accurate report for your client.

We allow you to store your own figures on top of the figures provided on the society listing.


Watch this video or walk through the steps below:

1. Go to your relevant requirement and view your matches

You'll see a list of your active matches, as you click on the different properties the match panel appears with details about that property and the new 'Cost Calculator'.

2. Select one of your active matches

The right column allows you to view and define the space you are interested in and store the rents / rates / charges associated to that space.


3. Include figures on your reports (PRO users only)

As a PRO user you are able to include your own costs to your different exports and client login. Simply click the 'Publish these to my shortlist' to include them.


Success - you just saved your own occupancy figures against a possible matchΒ 

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