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Lesson 4: Manage matches & requirement status
Lesson 4: Manage matches & requirement status

Organise your requirement's matched disposals so you can report back to your applicant or client

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You've spent the time reviewing and matching properties to your requirement, so now let's organise them so you can report back to your client.

As you move matches to the various stages we also automatically update your requirements status.


1. Jump into your requirement's current matches


2. Check you have no pending match request

At the top of your match page check you have been through any outstanding match requests that have been sent.


3. Categorise your property matches

Categorise your property matches into the relevant section:
Longlist, Shortlist, Viewing, Negotiating [and Removed]

To start you may want to add your matches to a Longlist. As you progress your acquisition you can move properties into the next logical category or remove them from your search.

Change category by dragging and dropping the property on your match board.


4. Set the order

With your match in the relevant category you can define the order. For example, order of preference or perhaps the order in which you are going to do a viewing tour.

The order you set is the order that will be exported.

Pro Tip: You can use either table or card view to organise your matches

WATCH these great videos on how to manage your match schedules.

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