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πŸ“– Guide: add comments, total occupancy costs & export
πŸ“– Guide: add comments, total occupancy costs & export

How best to manage & run Match Schedule reports

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Create a Match Schedule that gives your client a clear picture of what space is available.

Provide a branded report you can use at every stage of your clients search.


1. Add comments to each property match

Add comments, viewing dates/notes and save occupancy costs for each property on your report.

Click any property on your match board to view the match panel.


2. Add notes for you export

These will appear on your exports for your team or client to see, no one else can see these match comments.


3. Define the space you are interested in

Select the space you think is relevant for your client, again this will pull through to your reports.


4. Save your total occupancy costs

Costs associated to a match are by default taken from the society advert. However sometimes the Rent, Rates and Charges can be missing or ambiguous.

Use the cost calculator to save more accurate figures for the match that will allow you to get a Total Occupancy Cost.

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5. Store comments about the property

Save comments about the property for your team to see. These wont appear on your match report however, anywhere you match this property to a requirement you will be able to see you previous notes about the property.


6. Export your matches

Now you have added notes to your matches you can download them to an Excel or PowerPoint format.

Depending on your stage of reporting you are likely to choose one form or the other. Longlists tend to work best as a spreadsheet. Shortlists and viewing tours work great as the branded PowerPoint export.

We also offer PRO features like a client login which you can read about here.

Success - you just completed exporting your match schedule!

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