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Lesson 5: Record a viewing

Create viewings & invite attendees with calendar invites

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Make it easy to find all your teams viewings from one place to make it easy to manage and report back to your clients.


You can create viewings as part of the applicant management process OR you can create a viewing straight from the homepage. See how below:

1) Create a viewing from a match panel

You can store a viewing against an applicant from your match panel within their requirement.

Let's assume you have the property they want to view on their match schedule... click the property to reveal the match panel:

Now click "Schedule a viewing"

The main thing you are likely to change is the date / time and (potentially if you are adding on behalf of an agent) the agent assigned to do the viewing.

Once happy it's time to create the viewing (hit the blue button bottom-right), add it to your calendar and then send to the applicant as confirmation.


2) Create a viewing from homepage

When to use this? When someone calls up and 'just wants to have a viewing' and you aren't capturing a requirement at this stage.

First, select create a viewing from your homepage.

Now walk through the steps (similar to the above).

You'll be asked for contact details first, then what property and finally what date/time.

Once you save the viewing we would have also behind the scenes created a new requirement, attached the chosen property to the matches and set the requirements as 'viewing' status.


Success - you just created a viewing!

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