Lesson 2: Create a company / contact
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To get the most out of the system you should be storing contact information against your properties, requirements and transactions.


We actually make it super easy to store contact info in the system, you'll come across the 'Create Contact' steps when you:

  • Create a disposal (store the Landlord)

  • Create an requirement (store the applicant data)

  • Create a viewing (store the viewee)

  • Create a transaction (store the tenant)

They all follow similar steps which we've summarised below.

Follow these simple steps...

1. Search to see if they exist

In most cases when you try to add a contact to a record (e.g. a requirement) we first get you to check if they exist in the system already. If not then we'll let you create a new company / contact.

2. Create 

If creating a contact you simply fill out as much information that you can as below. Then press save - simples 😊


Success - you just created a contact!

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