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Lesson 1: Search & filter transactions
Lesson 1: Search & filter transactions
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As you complete requirements or reduce availability we prompt you to store lettings or sales. You can then search for these using the transaction hub to gleam insights on your take-up or be proactive and find opportunities.


1. Jump into the 'Transaction' section

Use the left navigation to jump into your recorded lettings or sales.


2. Select the relevant transactions you'd like to search within

All transactions allow you to search across your agencies lettings or sales. My Lettings searches specifically across lettings or sales you were involved in.

n.b. We can setup custom rules on access to transactions and confidentiality.

3. Search & filter results

Use the text search to find a letting or sale by property name, address or tenant.

You can use advanced search filters to have a deeper dive, for example show me all deals we did last month or show me lease breaks due in the next 18 months.


Success - you just found the relevant transactions!

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