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Remote working for Tenant Reps
Remote working for Tenant Reps

Tips & how-to guides for working remotely

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We've pulled together some of the best ways to work remotely within the Agents Society, helping you to respond to tenant enquiries and collaborate with your colleagues.

Here's 4 ways to optimise the way you work remotely 

  1. Now more than ever a quality response to your retained and prospective clients is key to progressing an opportunity

    Organise your matches using the drop down filters and physically moving them up and down your list
    Be proactive and search for matches as well as receive automated matches from other Agents
    Follow this simple guide for our best practices

  2. Ensure that you have the most complete information on all the properties on your schedule

    Add your own comments for each property
    Layer any information on outgoings that might be absent from the published listing
    See our quick guide on how to do this

  3. Add any other properties that are not published to the Society but could be suitable for your client

    You can add any off-market opportunities that you are aware of
    If serviced offices could suit, then you can add your own records for Serviced Office Centres
    Click here for an overview on how you can add these listings

  4. Collaborate as one team even though you are all now dispersed and ensure that your team is fully informed

    You can add comments on your requirement that will be visible, and can be added to, by any member of your team or organisation (Pro users will see these as a threaded conversation).
    Be sure to make use of the Contacts Section to add details of the Client - these are only visible to member of your organisation!
    Click on the links for help on adding comments (this needs publishing) or utilising the Contacts section.

★ PRO TIP: maximise your impact by creating a Client Login so your prospective tenant can view all the selected properties via an interactive map.

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