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▶︎ How to share Interest Schedules via a Live Presentation
▶︎ How to share Interest Schedules via a Live Presentation

Overview & how-to guide of using the Interest Schedule presentation

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What does the Interest Schedule presentation look like?

See what your client would be able to see when you send them this link.

How can I create one?

Watch our quick start video or follow the guide below:

Why use this feature?

We've built this feature to enable you to share interest schedules with your clients, either via a share screen or by sending them a live link.

Jump to the how-to guides below:

Generate a live presentation link of your Interest Schedule

1: Prepare your matches

We recommend you first 'tidy' your interest schedule before you share it with your client. Here is a suggested steps to tidy your schedules:

Status. Check each requirement has the correct status that reflects their current level

of interest for this scheme. Less is more, if in doubt move the requirement to Idle or Dead with a comment.

Comments. Store an update on how they feel about the space, what other properties they may be considering and your suggested next steps.

2: Select what requirements to share

  • Click 'Presentation' then

  • Define what items you'd like to share with the presentation

  • Either add all the requirements on your interest schedule or select yourself which ones you'd like to share or exclude

3: Configure & arrange access

  • Decide what screens to include on the presentation

  • Optionally add access for your clients

    • Setup as read only, or let them make updates themselves

  • Click or copy the link to access the presentation

4: Adding to & updating presentations

Once a presentation is live you will want to keep it up-to-date.

When new requirements that get added to an Interest Schedule we highlight them to prompt you to optionally share them to the client's presentation link. You can do this straight away, or review organise these just before your next client meeting.

Using your Interest Schedule presentation

Click this link to access the presentation:

1: Summary screen

The presentation starts and the summary screen, this screen consists of a basic overview of the enquiries at the various stages, the sector of those enquiries and their source.

2: Interest schedule screen

On the interest schedule we see the requirements at the various stages. This mirrors, what you've set above, use the tabs to focus on specific statuses.

Or the search bar to jump right into the requirement you're wanting to discuss.

Hover over a row to see the basic information and quickly update the status, or click the row to see the full details.

3: View & update requirements

The requirement details panel gives you a full overview of the requirement, then match status and a history of comments. You're able to update the comments and status in real time from within the presentation. And if you've given your client the access, then they can also add comments from their login.

Finally, if you're instructed a more than one disposal with your client, then they can jump into all of their interest schedules from the same login area.

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