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Pro guide - creating a comp schedule from a disposal

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Create a comp schedule straight from a disposal.

This is a Kato Pro feature only. Create or jump into an existing disposal and go to the summary page.

Step 1: click "Create Comp Schedule"

*note, your disposal doesn't have to be published anywhere

Step 2: Set up the parameters

Simply set the size and distance from your disposal in which you'd like to search for comps.

Step 3: Add properties to your schedule

You'll now be taken to a page where you can select what properties you wish to attach to the comp schedule.

Choose from your own instructions AND marketplace availability.

Simply click add to schedule and that will add those disposals to your availability schedule.

Step 4: Share & Export

Click download to export the schedule as a PowerPoint or Spreadsheet, or share to send an interactive online version of the report.

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