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Lease Comparable's

I would like to compare more than 1 poperty

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To compare, analyse and report on the details of properties that have been Let (or sold) to help provide better valuations .


Step 1.

  • Go to your transactions tab as shown below and choose either Lettings or Sales.

  • Choose a Letting or Sale you would like to compare and click to open it.

  • Choose the "Export Comp" option

  • Once the document has been exported it should look something like this;

Remember - The more information on the Disposal, the more informative the comparable's will be!

Step 2.

  • Repeat steps 1 to download a report on another Disposal in question

  • Once this is done - you will be able to view both properties and compare.

Yay! You have done it - You now know how to view Lease Comparable's

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