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Here are our release notes - so you can stay up to date on what the latest changes and features are!

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Added Fit out condition and fit out concept for transaction filters.



Cleaned Up disposal Create Forms:

We have restyled the create disposal form.


Updated EG feed to include Website link:

Now when publishing to EG your disposal within EG will have your website link displayed if available.


Added new Transaction source, Radius:

We have added a new option to your transaction source list, so you can now select Radius as your source.



Customise "Ps. You can view you matches online" hyperlink on property shortlist emails:

On property shortlist emails we have changed the availability schedule link text from"Ps. You can view you matches online" to just "View your matches online".

We can also customise this if you would prefer this to say something different.


Capital Incentive column added to transaction exports πŸ“œ: We have improved our transaction exports by adding in the capital incentives field.


Added in a 9 month reminder option for lease break date and rent review date πŸ—“: We have added a new option for reminders to allow for more choice when setting up rent reviews and lease breaks.


Kato Rebrand 🀩: System wide changes to reflect our new brand "Kato"


Sector Drop down added to Team Intel within a requirement⬇: We have added a new sector drop down under the Team Intel tab, to allow users to override the sector on a Society requirement with a sector specified by the Team or Organisation they are a part of.

Fitout concept added to accommodation table optionsβž• : We have added the ability to define the fitout concept at the floor unit level, this will pull through onto your accommodation table shown on outputs, such as your PDF's and Microsites.


CRM Section (Customer Relations Management) 🀝: We have made an update to what was previously the contact and companies tabs.

We have now incorporated both tabs into a CRM section whereby you can view all client and company details as well as view any associated records!



Amendments in the way file names are displayed πŸ“‚: On a disposals, when editing and creating, we have changed the way the file name appears when attaching and displaying files!


Display Disposal ID / Requirement ID on the summary page πŸ€“: Each Disposal and Requirement has a unique ID to identify it! This is now displayed in the summary page of both requirements and disposals. This can help if you have multiple properties with similar names - or when asking for help it can help identify the exact record you are having issues with!

Add A+ & Negative numbers for EPC rating 🟒: Added support for A+ and Negative Numbers for EPC ratings - to enable you to correctly classify the greenest disposals!


Can now update β€˜On Hold’ requirements πŸš€: Requirements in the status of β€˜On Hold’ we’re previously deemed archived and were not able to be edited. We’ve now changed this - allowing you to update an 'On Hold' requirement as needed!


Added ability to limit publishing to Novaloca to certain team members πŸ€“: Added a feature to be able to specify specific users to have the ability to publish to Novaloca. If you would like this feature enabled on your account then please let us know!

Mentions enhancements πŸ“£: Improved the look and feel of Mentions - @ a team mate or a team in a comment to notify them!


Date Stamps on comments πŸ“…: This much requested feature adds a date stamp to comments throughout the system.


Disposal Listing page ⚑️: We’ve given a makeover to the Disposals listing page! With a streamlined user interface, improved filtering, and an enhanced Locations picker, this update should make the Disposals page more user friendly and make finding the Disposals you are looking for easier!


Updated IAS Requirements Email Circular 🏭: We’ve updated the IAS Email circulars to increase the size and quality of the location thumbnail.



Updated OnTheMarket Feeds πŸ”„ : We've enhanced our OnTheMarket feeds, now enabling you to include price per area, as OnTheMarket now accept this data.

Mailchimp Integration πŸ’: Our new Mailchimp Integration will now automatically unsubscribe a contact in our system if they unsubscribe from an email sent in Mailchimp, and vice versa, helping to streamline your contact management process.


Publish to Zoopla Updates πŸ’°: Starting August 15th, Zoopla no longer supports prices as POA / ROA. Our Publish to Zoopla workflow has been adjusted to reject such listings. A new saved view "Published to Zoopla as POA" is now available on your Disposals page for relevant listings.

Promo Message Returns πŸ“£: The marketing promo message for Disposals is back! It will now appear on all your PDF templates.

Transaction Export Optimisation πŸ”§: Exporting large datasets (5000+ records) from the Transactions module is now more reliable.


Reinstating Disposal Listings πŸ”„: Disposals that are withdrawn from the society and then published again at a later date will now reinstate the original society listing.


Viewings Export Update πŸ“Š: The Disposals column is now included in the Viewings export.


Interest Schedule Export EnhancementsπŸ“Š: New columns (Tenant, Intel Status, Next Break, Lease Expiry, Target Occupancy, Current Tenancy) are available on the Interest Schedule export.

Publish VAT to Website 🌐: You can now select the VAT field on the Availability page within a Disposal to appear on your website.


Twitter Integration Launched 🐀: We've launched our new Twitter integration!


Campaign Email Update πŸ’Œ: Campaign emails now supports links for Video Tours and 360 Virtual Tours.



Improved Filters UI πŸ”Ž: Searching on your long list of filters is now available on your Transactions module.





User Tracking on Requirements πŸ‘₯: You can now see who the last user was to update a match on a Requirement (visible in column name - Last Updated By).


New Retail Property Types 🌟: The following Retail options have been added as Property Types (Class E Retail/Leisure, Drive Thru, Shopping Park, Hot Food Takeaway / QSR, Nightclub/Late Night).

Additional Source of Enquiry 🌟: Broker Requirement and Society have been added as a new Source of enquiry for Requirements.


Enhanced Requirement Search πŸ”Ž: The search bar on the Requirements index page now allows you to switch context between searching within your filters or on All possible Requirements.


Calendar Subscription πŸ“…: Subscribe to your AgentsInsight diary via email providers like Outlook and Gmail.

New Property Type 🌟: Added Studio/Workshop as a new Property Type.

Email Circulars Update πŸ’Œ: The Town/Area of a Disposal now appears on Society Disposal email circulars.



New Requirement Status 🌟: Prospect added as a new status on Requirements.

Contact Export Enhancements πŸ“Š: The following columns (Company, Company Address) are now available on the Contacts export.


User Tracking on Interest Schedules πŸ‘₯: Identify the last user to update a match on an Interest Schedule (visible in column name - Last Updated By).

Expanded Interest Schedule Columns πŸ“Š: The following columns (Tenant Name, Status, Next Break, Lease Expiry, Target Occupancy, Current Tenancy, Reason) are now available to include on your Interest Schedule.

Bulk Actions Enhancements βœ…: You can now bulk add matches to your Requirement List(s) from an Interest Schedule.


Availability Schedule supports iFrame πŸŒ†: Our Availability Schedule now supports iframe so you can embed it onto your website (contact our support team for more information on this feature).

Saved Views Sharing πŸ‘₯: You can now share your saved views URL's with other members of your organisation.

Complete Retail Property Portal πŸ†•: We have added Completely Retail as a new Property Portal (contact our support team for more information on this feature).


Viewing Insights Update πŸ“ˆ: We have added a Fitout Report to your Viewing Insights.


Disposals and Transaction Export Enhancements πŸ“Š: The following columns (Fit-out Condition, Fit-out Concept, Fit-out Comment, Build Date, Build Status, WELL rating, BREEAM rating, Net Zero Carbon, NABERS Energy, NABERS Water, NABERS Indoor, NABERS Waste) are now available on the Disposals and Transaction export.

Rent and Sale Metrics added to Exports πŸ“Š: Rent and Sale metrics have been added to the exports on the following pages: Disposals, Requirements, Transactions Lettings and Transactions Sales.

Synced Status Updates πŸš€: Updating the status of a match on your Interest Schedule now updates the status of the related Requirement if the match status is further along than the status of the Requirement.


Viewings by Company 🏫: You can now create a Viewing related to a Company.



Company Description Addition πŸ“: Add short descriptions about a Company using the new Company Description field.

Enhanced Enquiry Assignment πŸ‘€: Specify which team member within your organisation you would like incoming enquiries to be assigned to per Disposal (contact our support team for help with this setting).


Interest Schedule Presentation Update βš™οΈ: Automatically include new matches to your new Interest Schedule Presentation with our new setting.


New Amenities and Specs 🌟: Added Terrace as an option for Amenities and Specifications.

Follow-Up Reminders ⏰: Set reminders to follow up with disposing Agent(s) when matching your Requirements against Disposals.


Comment on Society Match Update πŸ’¬: Add comments when updating the status of a Society Match.


New Requirement Type 🌟: Ongoing Demand added as a Requirement Type.

User Assignment Update πŸ‘€: Reassign the assigned user of a Requirement directly from your list of actions on the Requirement Summary slide out panel.

Location Filter UI Enhancements 🌍: New Location Filter UI introduced on Transactions module.

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