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Training #2: Add requirements to your Interest Schedule
Training #2: Add requirements to your Interest Schedule

How to build your Interest Schedule and export to Word.

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Goal: understand how to add matches to Interest Schedules

This article will walk you through how to add requirements (matches) to Interest Schedules.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Start our Interactive training

We've created a 60s interactive training page to learn how to use Interest Schedules.

Add Matches to your Interest Schedule:

A quick video showing you how to add matches to your Interest Schedule.

Navigate to Find Matches:

  • This is found in the Tab next to the "Interest Schedule" tab.

Explore Internal Matches for Inclusion:

  • Browse through your Internal Matches by selecting "Internal" and choose the ones you want to incorporate into your Schedule.

Initiate Schedule Integration:

  • Select the Pink bar at the bottom of the screen that states "Add Requirement's to Interest Schedule.

Review and Confirm:

  • Before finalising, review the added matches within your Schedule.

  • Confirm that the information is accurate and aligns with your requirements.

Adding Marketplace Enquiries:

Explore the Marketplace:

  • Navigate to the Marketplace section next to the "Internal" option.

Identify Relevant Enquiries:

  • Browse through the available enquiries in the marketplace.

  • Identify those that match your criteria.

Initiate Schedule Integration:

  • Select the Pink bar at the bottom of the screen that states "Request Match to my Disposal"

Review and Confirm:

  • Take a moment to review the added marketplace enquiries within your Schedule.

  • Confirm that the details align with your preferences.

Add Requirements via your Interest Schedule:

How to effortlessly add requirements to your Interest Schedule for enhanced convenience.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Before you begin, watch our helpful video tutorial that demonstrates the process step-by-step.

Creating and managing an Interest Schedule is essential for providing landlords with an extensive view of the demand for their available space. Adding requirements to the schedule can be done in just a few clicks! Below is to show you how you have flexibility to add any requirement - they do not have to be listed on the society. This means all of your interest is all in one place.

Within the Interest Schedule, you have a quick link to adding a new requirement:

Choose which type of requirement you are adding to your report. For example, direct enquiry for someone who has reached out via your website or called directly. Or, Agent Led requirements - just search for the agency name.

β€‹πŸŒŸ Additional Feature: Joint Agents Interest Schedule:

Take advantage of the Joint Agents Interest Schedule, a valuable feature that allows you to establish a structured collaboration framework between you and other agents. Contact us to set up a Joint Agents Interest schedule, enhancing communication and cooperation among all involved agents.

Organise, add comments and export:

Move requirements to the relevant status, be that Enquiries, Viewing, Negotiating or Removed:

Check in on messages sent previously and chase up any you're waiting to hear on:

Add match comments and viewing comments to pull through to your report:

After speaking to the agent, if you have an idea of who they're acting on behalf of, you can add this as below to pull through to your report:

Or if you know for sure, you can set to 'Known':

Now you are ready to export the Interest Schedule!
Hit 'Download' on the top right hand side and pick which statuses you want to pull through to the report:

You can also set when you last had a meeting with the landlord or provided a report last, so that any new matches since then will be highlighted on the report for you!

The interest schedule opens into Word or Excel where you can do some more fine tuning.

See here how the report uses the order we set and the comments added.

PRO TIP: As it is word you can fine tune things but we always recommend adding your comments to the system so it remembers for next time.

Adding Joint Agents to your Disposal for Enhanced Marketing:

Learn how to add Joint Agents to your disposal.

Including Joint Agents in your marketing efforts can significantly boost your property exposure and collaboration opportunities. This feature allows you to showcase multiple agents on your PDFs and website when selecting them in your publishing options.

How to Add Joint Agents:

Create a Disposal:

  • Begin by creating a disposal for the property you want to market.

Navigate to the Marketing Tab:

  • Once the disposal is created, go to the Marketing tab on the platform.

Locate the Joint Agents Box:

  • Scroll towards the bottom of the Marketing page, where you'll find the Joint Agents box.

Add Joint Agents:

  • In the Joint Agents box, you can add the usernames or details of the agents you want to include.

Save Changes:

  • Make sure to save your changes to ensure that the Joint Agents are associated with the specific disposal.

Adding Joint Agents to your disposal is a powerful tool for marketing purposes. Follow the simple steps outlined above to include multiple agents in your property listings, and don't forget to explore the Joint Agents Interest Schedule for a more organised and collaborative marketing approach.

Success - You have learnt how to Add to and Manage you Interest Schedule!

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