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πŸ“– Guide: Chase pending match requests
πŸ“– Guide: Chase pending match requests

How to chase your pending match requests

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You reply to a society acquisition, add it to your Interest Schedule but it remains unconfirmed by the tenant rep.

This article shows you how best to chase those through and get more confirmed matches.


Matches to organise
Where you have not yet organised your match request onto your Interest Schedule you will see matches with a status of 'Request Sent'.

Click on the row to view the match you sent them and message or call them to get them to approve your request.

​Request Accepted

Here the Tenant Rep has accepted your proposed property and added it to their long or shortlist. Use the 'Move to' button to add it to your Interest Schedule

​Request Declined

Sometimes Tenant Reps will decline your match request, you can move those into your 'Removed' section to get them out of the way.

If they haven't already let you know why you can message them for more info - something your Landlord would appreciate details on for sure.

Matches on Interest Schedule not confirmed

You are able to add pending matches to your Interest Schedule without having to wait. Here we highlight with an Orange dot where your match has still yet to be confirmed by the Tenant Rep.


Success - you just chased your pending match requests!

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