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Lesson 3: Find Society Acquisitions that match your Disposal
Lesson 3: Find Society Acquisitions that match your Disposal

Match applicants & society acquisitions to your disposals

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When you first publish your disposal there is likely already existing demand for that space.

Don't wait for new requirements to be circulated, search and match existing requirements to your Interest Schedule straight away.



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Quick Video Guide

1. 'Find' matches

Once you have published your disposal you can click on the find matches tab.

2. Search & filter

By default we show you the most relevant active requirements that could match your property. You can amend the search by clicking the filter button.

3. Select & request

Click on the relevant requirements you want to attach to your Interest Schedule.Β 

Now hit the blue bar at the bottom to send a message to the relevant agent(s). This will send them your message and will also attach these requirements to your Interest Schedule.

4. View on your Interest Schedule

The requirements now appear at the top of your Interest Schedule. You can either wait for the Tenant Rep to approve your request or just move them straight onto your active matches. You can read more about your Interest Schedule here.

Success - you just added requirements to your Interest Schedule.

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