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πŸ“– Guide: Add an 'off market' property
πŸ“– Guide: Add an 'off market' property

Include off-market properties on your match schedules

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Disposal agents may send you off-market properties not published on the society BUT you want to include them on your report.


1. Create the property in YOUR availability area

You can create a property very quickly, follow this guide, add as much info as you can / want. The only thing you WONT do is publish the property.

We recommend adding a property name address line like "Off market" so it stands out on your match schedule.

2. Go to your requirement > find matches

Now that you have stored the off-market property go and add it to your Match Schedule.


3. Select your property and add it to your schedule

Select 'Find Internally' and you should see your off-market property show up as an option to add to your report.

Use the toggle at the top to switch to your internal properties.

That's it - you will now have an off-market match on your schedule blended in with your society matches. No other members outside your organisation will see this off-market opportunity πŸ‘

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