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Find disposals using text search & advanced filters

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We'll help you quickly find and update any existing property you have by following these simple steps.


1. Jump into the 'Disposals' section

Use the left navigation to jump into your currently active disposals.

2. Select the relevant disposals you'd like to search within

There are 4 options to choose from, you can then search within those to find the disposal you are looking for.

Selecting these items then searches within that data set:

  • My Disposals: All properties you are assigned to

  • Lettings: All of your teams disposals to let

  • Sales:  All of your teams disposals for sale

  • All: All your agencies disposals

3. Search & filter results

The best way to find the property you want to update is to use the text search:

You can use advanced search filters to have a deeper dive, for example show me all offices that are to let:

Success - you just found your disposal!

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