Lesson 1: Search & filter contacts
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We'll help you quickly find any Company or Contact following these simple steps.


1. Jump into the 'Contacts' section

Use the left navigation to jump into your Contacts (it's likely these will be your applicants, agents, landlords and freeholders that you've added when using the system).


2. Select the Companies or Contacts you'd like to search within

There are 4 options to choose from, you can then search within those to find the profile you are looking for.

 Selecting these items then searches within that data set:

  • All Companies: All companies added to your agency system

  • My Companies: Companies you have been assigned to 

  • All Contacts:  All people added to your agency system

  • My Contacts: People you have been assigned to

Assigning yourself to a Company or Contact means they'll appear on your "My .." list, think of it as a favourites that you can access quickly!

3. Search & filter result

The best way to find the Company or Contact you want to update is to use the text search:

You can use advanced search filters to have a deeper dive, for example show me all contact associated to a marketing list.

Success - you just found the person you were looking for!

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