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Edit events you've created or you're assigned to in the society calendar

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Find existing events that you've either created or are assigned to in the society calendar and cancel if an event is no longer happening or was just a Provisional placeholder.


Find the society event calendar by going to Events then selecting the relevant Society calendar, then follow the steps below:

  1. Use the 'Show My Events' button on the top right so it's easier to find events you're assigned to:

2. Use the month filters on each side to find the month of the event you wish to amend:

3. Click into the event and use the 'Cancel Event' button to remove the event from the Society calendar:

Note: anyone assigned to the event can cancel the event

4. Make sure you choose to 'Notify Members' if those wishing to attend need to know that it is no longer going ahead.

Success - you just cancelled your event on the Society!

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