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Remote working for Disposal Agents
Remote working for Disposal Agents

Tips & how-to guides for working remotely

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We've pulled together some of the best ways to work remotely within the Agents Society, helping optimise your matches and collaborate with your colleagues.

Here's 4 ways to optimise the way you work remotely

1. Take the chance to improve the quality of your listings

  • Quality listings significantly increase your chance of matches

  • Ensure you have quality images, all of the outgoings and key points

  • Follow this simple guide for our best practices

2. Name demand (society acquisitions)

  • As you respond to requirements they appear on your Interest Schedule

  • Once on an Interest Schedule you are able to save the guess of who you think the tenant rep is acting for

3. Interest schedule

  • Try running an Interest Schedule export

  • Any of your disposals has this feature

  • It can include your society matches and direct enquiries

4. Download & use the iPhone app

  • Gain access to your market in just a few clicks

  • The quickest way to respond to requirements is via the mobile app


★ PRO TIP: maximise your disposals exposure by publishing to the society, your website, external property portals and more

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