Lesson 3: Organise your report

Make your reports 'client ready'

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You can export powerful (and pretty) reports that will save you countless hours if you keep your matches up-to-date. Use the match board to organise your matches and prepare your report.

Organise using status

Updating match status' (i.e. where the property sits within your clients' thought process) is the easiest way to make sense of the properties you are going to (or have already) presented.

In theory disposals should progress forward from Longlist > Shortlist > Viewing etc

It's also just as important to 'Dead' matches, where they have been discounted. This keeps your board clear and will notify the disposal agents who are chasing you if you want it to.

Drag/drop via board view

Status dropdown via table view

Organise using ordering

Drag and drop the properties to change the order they display on the match reports, particularly useful when wanting to prioritise by best fit or plan out a viewing tour.

โ˜… Pro Tip: Check records are report ready

  • Scan down your table view to check you have defined rent, rates & charges

  • It's a super-quick way to sense check your matches before exporting them

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