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Lesson 2: Keep requirements up to date
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As a requirement drops into the system your teams' aim is to progress them through their life-cycle, from initially enquiry through to completion.

Here's how to keep your requirements up-to-date

1. Move requirements through the pipeline

Try to keep your requirements in the correct 'bucket', use the drag-and-drop (via board view) or use the status drop-down on the requirement quick-view.
β€‹β˜… PRO TIP: keep the unactioned enquiries to zero as far as possible

2. Collaborate by adding notes to requirements

Let your colleagues know where you are at (or remind yourself) by using the notes stream against each requirement.
β€‹β˜… PRO TIP: with each interaction with your applicants try to add a note so you know where you are at

3. Use 'on hold' status

As you respond to applicants it moves their requirement to the 'Search' phase.

If there are no updates for more than 30 - 60 days then you should move the requirement to the 'On Hold' state (then to 'unsuccessful' after that).
β€‹β˜… PRO TIP: you can still report and match to applicants in the 'on hold' state, but it means you can keep your 'active' requirements at a more manageable level

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