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This article discusses Saved Views for requirements section, this same principle applies across all parts of the system.

Customise it to the way you want to work.

Below is a super-quick view overview or carry on reading below to see how you and your team can take advantage of the new features.

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Customise your Pinned Views

Choose what views appear at the top of the page and in what order. Open the all views page, pin/unpin views and order how you want.

πŸ‘‰ the first pinned view is the default when you go to the requirements section

Save a custom view

A view is a combination of filters and your display preference (table/board and columns).

Save a view that you regularly want to access, you can then get to it again quickly from the 'all saved views' menu (or pin it for easy access). You can also decide to share it with your colleagues.

πŸ‘‰ Example: create a 'Hot List' view, perhaps this is all requirements over x size, in a given location.

Save a new view

Access saved views

Example views you could create

Here are some good examples of views that you could create...

New Enquiries

  • Filter: Requirement date within last 14 days

  • View: Table

  • Pinned: Yes I always want to see this

Watch List

  • Filter: Status is Viewing or Negotiating

  • View: Table

  • Pinned: Yes I always want to see this

Website Enquiries

  • Filter: Source "Our Website"

  • View: Board

  • Pinned: No, I just want to export this once a month to get a sense of the quality and conversion rate of website enquiries

M4 Corridor Enquiries

  • Filter: Location "M4 Corridor"

  • View: Table

  • Pinned: No, I want to export this each quarter for our board meeting

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