Agents will send you properties [matches] they think would be a good fit to your client's requirement.

Using the system to review said matches will save you considerable time as all of the properties can be reviewed in a consistent format, and can be added straight to your report.


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  1. Getting notified of new match requests

  2. Review via requirements 'inbox'

  3. Review via requirements match schedule

1. Getting notified of new match requests

We'll email you when disposal agents send you properties to consider for your client's report. Here's an example match request email notification:

2. Review via requirements 'inbox'

  • The orange bell icon denotes new inbounds to review

  • Click the bell icon and it will take you to the inbox tab

  • Click on each property to see the details to either add to your report, decline, or request further details

3. Review via requirements match schedule

  • Jump into your requirement > go to the 'matches' tab.

  • Here is where you will find the 'match request' section on the right hand side.

  • Open the properties by clicking on them to review the details

  • Add them to your report by amending their status

  • If it's not a good option then 'decline' the match request so the Disposal Agent get's notified and wont hassle you for an update!

Pro Tip: Once you've accepted a match, move it through the different requirement status's to keep track of where they're at with each property

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