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Lesson 4: Curate & export a client availability report
Lesson 4: Curate & export a client availability report

Organise the properties on your client report and download

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Ultimately you need to report back to your client with a quality list of options for them to consider. We'll walk you through how to do this straight from the Agents Society.


Jump down to the relevant sections of this guide or watch the video below:

1. Organise your properties

Set the status of the properties via the list view:

Or via the board view:

You can also update the order properties appear on the schedule by dragging and dropping via the board view:

2. Fill-in missing information

Scan down the financials column to see what information is missing

πŸ‘‰ Hint: low 'Estimated totals' usually indicates some missing financial information

If you need to add missing details, click to open the property and add the information to the panel below:

These will then appear every time you export this client's report.

πŸ‘‰ Tip: you can override quoted rents, if for example you find out that they'd accept a lower rent, in the same way you can add it if the information was missing.

3. Add report comments

Report comments appear when you export the properties for your client.

They enable you to add a narrative on top of the property, for example "This provides you great flexible space and location but does come in about Β£1k/m over budget".

4. Export to PowerPoint or Excel

Once you've arranged your report then it's time to export. We've got a number of great formats you can choose from from the 'Downloads' section.

Follow our guides below for a deeper-dive on how they work:

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