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Share Interest Schedule with your Clients
Share Interest Schedule with your Clients
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Goal: share a digital interest schedule with a Landlord

This article will walk you through sharing an Interest Schedule with Landlord contacts, for a quick overview of Interest Schedules watch this video.

Step 1: present your schedule

Assuming you are happy with the Interest Schedules content (you can read more about updating schedules here) then first you need to press "Present":

Step 2: click 'Share with Landlord'

Add the details of the contact(s) you want to share the presentation with. If you have Landlords associated to the disposal we'll offer you those as 'suggested contacts' to invite.

You'll also be able to see those you have already shared access with, clicking the cross will revoke their access.

Step 3: Landlord accepts invite

Your landlord will then receive an email invite to login and review their Interest Schedule(s).

The email will look a bit like this:

If its the first time they are logging in, it will prompt them to set a password:

Having problems receiving the invite? Have them search their emails for "Invitation to your Client Portal" or give us a call.

Useful link for your Landlord

To help your Landlord contacts understand how to use the Interest Schedules we recommend sending them the quick 1 minute overview video.

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