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FAQs regarding hidden and discounted matches

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Q: How do I see hidden matches?

A: Toggle on the 'Hidden Matches' check-box and you'll see them.

Q: Include a hidden match on my report, but keep it flagged as discounted

A: Hover over the match and click unhide, this makes it visible on the report as a discounted match.

Q: Include a hidden match on my report, and remove the discounted flag

A: Set the match as visible and then click 'Clear discounted reason'

Q: How can I change a Discounted Reason?

A: Currently, to change a discounted reason you must first 'Clear' the discounted reason and then set it again.

Q: What are discounted matches?

A: As prospective tenants interest on a property progresses the interest schedule enables you to track this.

Typically we want to see a progression from initial enquiry ⇢ viewings ⇢ negotiations ⇢ deal. However, at certain points prospective tenants interest in a property will cease, it's at this point we capture the Discounted Reason.

Discounting matches helps you better understand what stage your enquiries got to and start to see trends on why deals aren't progressing.

Q: How can I set a match as Discounted?

A: Click the discount icon - on your interest schedule hover over the row of the match you want to flag as discounted and click the discount icon:

​Set the reason & add comment
Select the discounted reason and add an optional comment:

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