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Adding a Vimeo to my Disposal

Adding videos to your Disposal in the Media Tab

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How can I add a Video to my Media page in AI?

You can do this by following the below steps;

  • Go through to the disposal in question

  • Go through to the Media Tab

  • Scroll down to "Videos"

  • Add in the Video and provide a description and URL as requested.

  • Update/Publish the property to update the listing - To show the amendments

Why won't my Video upload or show on my published property

Confirm on the file type - AI only recognises Vimeo and Youtube links

I Have ensured the video is in the Vimeo and Youtube format however it is not showing?

This could be due to the settings of the video

  • Make sure to look in the privacy settings of the video to ensure the option of "Where can this be embedded" is "Anywhere"

Tip - Remember to republish your property once the video is added so this updates your disposal and it's publishings.

Congratulations - You have just uploaded your video!

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