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Requirement intel list
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What are they?

Requirement intel lists are used to categorise marketplace requirements and your own enquiries. Lists can be created by the user and its a way to track demand.

Where are they?

Requirement intel lists are within the requirements. You can add demand to the list by going to the 'intel' tab on the requirement summary

Adding and updating lists

To add Requirement intel list, go to filters and scroll down to requirement lists. Click 'manage lists'

From here, it works very similar to saved views. The user (or you) can create a new list and choose to share it with your team or not.


  1. How do I delete a list?

    You will need to find out who created that list initially. Then you'd need to impersonate them and remove the list via their filters > manage lists > delete list.

  2. How do I rename a list?

    To rename a list, you will need to find out who created the list initially, impersonate them > requirements > Filters > Manage lists and edit the list you want to tweak

  3. How do I remove default lists?

    Sometimes we have created default lists (usually for our top London based agencies). Double check the org is happy for this to be removed and we would need to raise a ticket in JSM for a dev to make this change. We can only remove lists other agents have created.

  4. Can I make a saved view based on the lists?

    A great way to track the demand is by creating a saved view based on the requirement list. This way, the agent can see in their requirement hub exactly what they are tracking!

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