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Interest Schedules: Landlord overview

Live access to enquiries and deal progression

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As a landlord, we've made it easier and more transparent for you to have live access to your interest schedules.

If your agent is part of Agents Society, they are able to share these schedules with you.

What is the Agents Society?

Kato (us) powers Agents Society which currently hosts 5 societies. They are:

  • City Agents Society

  • West End Agents Society

  • Office Agents Society

  • Industrial Agents Society

  • Retail & Leisure Agents Society

Essentially, it's a place where tenant reps circulate their requirements for prospective tenants and disposal agents to market your properties hosting over 80% of UK agencies on our platform!

As a landlord, why should I access my schedule on Agents Society?

Simplify your schedules - by asking your agents to use Agents Society means all your schedules are on one platform, one login, all updated in real time. This gives you complete transparency for all schedules.

(screen recording to show what it looks like to have multiple schemes)

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