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Training #4: Share Digital Availability Schedules
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Goal: share a digital availability schedule with prospects and clients.

This article will walk you through sharing properties matched to a requirement with a prospect or client. Ensure you have a requirement and properties matched to it first, you can read more about doing that here.

▢️ What is a Digital Availability Schedule?

Here's a quick 20 second intro...

✨ Auto-create link

When responding to direct enquiries (digital enquiries from your website or property listing portals) we'll auto-create a digital availability schedule as part of your match and respond workflow.

It uses the matched properties and email text as a way of pre-filling the login, by default it isn't password protected.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Manually create link

If we have created a requirement manually then we can create a digital availability schedule link by following these steps from the requirement's matches page.

Share Availability Schedule β†’ Client Login β†’ Generate Client Login.

πŸ‘‹ Welcome message

When sharing a Digital Availability Schedule [also known as a 'client login'] you get the option to include a personalised welcome message.

You can input / update the welcome message into this field:

And it will display here when the prospect or client first opens the link:

πŸ’¬ Property comments

It is possible for you to add extra commentary to each match you share to the digital schedule.

To add a comment for the property click the match open from your schedule and then add a "Comment for report" like below:

Now when the property is opened on the digital schedule it will include your profile image and your comment next to it.

πŸ“Έ Include / exclude media

Sometimes you may wish to exclude the marketing brochure and other media. Toggle off the media by updating the option below when creating or updating the schedule.

πŸ”’ Password protect

You can optionally add a password to protect access to the schedule, you can email this password to your contact separately afterwards.

Simply fill select the option to be true and add a password, by adding the password it will then protect the schedule behind a branded login:

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