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Naming 'unnamed' demand
Naming 'unnamed' demand

Add a tenant name to Society Acquisitions on your Interest Schedule

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Q: Can I store what tenant I suspect a Tenant Rep is acting for and include this on my reports?


Yep - you can store the tenant as your own intelligence only your team will see.

Go to your interest schedule and you will see where you currently have 'Unknown' tenants (i.e. un-named demand).

Click on the row so the match panel comes out. On the right you will see the 'Tenant' section where you can store your information.

Once saved you can set it as a good guess (i.e. 'Intel') or you can confirm you know who they are acting for by setting it as 'Known'.

This can be updated at anytime, but once saved it will appear on your Interest Schedule as below. Simples!

Note: the Green tick denotes a tenant where you have set it as 'Known' i.e. confirmed inel



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