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Reactive: review match requests from disposal agents
Reactive: review match requests from disposal agents

Review match requests disposal agents have sent you

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Reviewing your matches is an important next step after publishing. Once you publish your acquisition to the Society disposal agents will suggest their various properties to you. The website makes it super easy to review these requests and feedback if required.

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1. See what you've been sent

You will be sent emails every time a new match request comes in, you can also easily see when you have new match requests within the website when there is an orange label.

Click through to your requirements match panel to see what you have been sent.


2. Review what you've been sent

You can scan across the rows to see what you have been sent and the key information. If you click on a row it will show you more details.

If you need more information you can call the agent or message them right from the match panel.

3. Make your choice

As you review the match you can either accept it (by moving it onto your active matches), decline the match request or request more information from the disposal agent.

Pro tip: Why not search the market yourself and add matches to your schedule instantly. This guide shows you how.


Success - you just reviewed your match requests!

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