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Lesson 4: Export contacts
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Sometime things are just easier printed out - this shows you out to export your contacts.


Well, it's just one simple step once you're in the 'Contacts' page (here's a hint) 😊

PRO TIP: We export what ever you have in view, so use your filters to filter by company name, address or marketing list before you export to get the relevant list!

At the point of exporting, you can choose exactly what information you would like to show on your report. You can choose from the following:

  1. ID

  2. First Name

  3. Surname

  4. Email

  5. Company Name

  6. Company Address

  7. Type

  8. Phone Number

  9. Mobile Number

  10. Marketing: Latest News?

  11. Marketing: Property Alerts?

  12. GDPR: Consent Given

  13. GDPR: Consent Date

  14. GDPR: Consent Source

  15. Assigned Marketing List

  16. Notes

  17. Date Updated

Success - you just exported your contacts!

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