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How to organise your inbox with Agents Society emails

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Set your filters in your own inbox so that emails go into specific folders to help you keep on top of what is relevant to you and what is being circulated in the market.

However, if you filter all emails to do this, you may miss out on other important Agents Society emails, such as Match Requests and Match Messages!

We suggest making filters using the subject line of an email so you don't miss out on any opportunities headed your way! 

Rules you can set...

🔎 Filtering by circular emails

Disposal + Requirement Circulars
From =  AND subject line contains "→"

Just Disposal Circulars
From = AND content contains "Society Disposal."

Just Acquisition Circulars
From = ND content contains "Society Acquisition."

🔎 Filtering by match request emails

New Match Request
From =  AND subject line contains "←"

New Match Comment
From =  AND subject line contains "New Match Comment"

My disposal has been added to someones report
From =  AND subject line contains "✓ Disposal added to market report"

Useful links on how to update your mailbox rules:

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