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Q: Who owns the data on the society?
A: Data is yours. Technology is ours.

Q: What support do we offer?
A: Live chat.  Online support guides.  Phone.

Q: Is there an iPhone app?
A: Yep - available on the app store

Q: How do we make money?
A: We take a small % of your subscriptions & Pro features

Q: What is ‘Pro’?
A: Layers of features to make AS your internal workflow tool. Property marketing engine, applicants hub & deals database. Find out more here.

Q: Does the team have visibility to our individual properties and requirements?
A: Yes, all your data is shared amongst teammates in your organisation

Q: How do you handle interest schedules for Joint Agents?
A: We have started trying to work towards enabling joint agents to share interest schedules with each other, but we’re not there quite yet!

Q: Can Landlords be given access for their properties?
A: Not currently

Q: Can you search for OAS members by area?
A: Yes, search by name, agency and location. You can also see acquisitions and disposals of any member in just a quick click.

Q: Can you provide a feed to VTS?
A: Not currently

Q: Can you take a live feed of properties from other CRMs?
A: Not currently

Q: Am I able to filter out some of the emails to ones I care about?
A: Yes, you can filter emails by size and location so you only hear about what you care about

Q: Does my team get copied in on any responses to match and viewing requests?
A: Yes, there is an option to CC or BCC your team into responses

Q: If I am a member of more than one Society can I select which group to send to or does it go to all?
A: Yes, at point of publishing you get prompted which society you want to notify

Q: If someone else’s requirement is known to be dead, can I kill it off in my interest schedule?
A: Yes, you have complete control over your interest schedules

Q: What happens to areas that overlap between different OAS groups such as Hammersmith with the South East and West End Agents?
A: If you are a member of both societies then you will be able to make those matches

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