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🌟Pro - Requirements: Property shortlist
🌟Pro - Requirements: Property shortlist

Compile a list of potential properties to send to your client

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With your clients requirement created you will want to send them a list of potential properties that they could be interested in based on location, size, rent/price etc


Send the email with matching properties to your client, see the steps below:

  1. Once you've added properties to your match list go to Matches at the top

  2. Go to Send to applicant on the right

  3. Choose Email Shortlist

  4. You can tweak who the email comes from, the subject line and message:

You are also able to select the specific details to include and also what property matches to include on that email (e.g. maybe you only want to send the matches you have arranged a viewing for).

Once happy you can preview the email to check it looks good, then click "Send Email" so it gets delivered to your applicant!

Success - you just sent your first property shortlist!

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