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Bulk Upload Requirements

Send us your requirement lists and we'll load them for you

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Often when getting started with a new system you will have existing data you wish to upload.

If you have a list of requirements you want to track in AgentsInsight then you can add them to the loader below and send it to us to upload to your account.


1. Download our spreadsheet loader

Start by organising your requirements into our loader format (download the spreadsheet below).

Note: go file > download

2. Check you have quality contacts

Every contact should have the below:

  • Email or phone number

  • First or Last name

  • Location and Property types

We recommend you also include:

  • Company (if relevant)

  • Type (agent, applicant, landlord, etc)

3. Send us your data to load

Once you are happy you can send us the requirements via the live chat, we will ask you to confirm:

  • You have permission to store the data

  • We will then send you back any issues we've had with your data before we load it to the live account


Please note:

If the contacts you provide already exist in the system then their contact details will remain, they wont be updated by this load.

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