Lesson 1: PowerPoint

How to best export your matches to the editable PowerPoint

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The PowerPoint export is a great way to present the property matches to your clients as it is editable and custom branded.

Quick Video Guide

Export availability via PowerPoint Presentation (new layout)

Page 1: Front cover

We customise the cover based on your logo, colours and image based upon your agencies profile.

Page 2: Map of matches

We list out the matches on a numbered map, we take the order of the matched properties based upon the order you set on the match schedule.

Page 3 onwards: Property Details

Each slide thereafter is a slide per property. The details of the property are taken from the advert and then we look at the additional details you save on top.

Size: taken from the matched space you selected for that property

Comment: this is the comment for the client report

Rent / Rates / Charges: taken from the advert details, or those values you have saved on top

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