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Respond & track requirements
Lesson 1: Initially create, match & respond to applicants
Lesson 1: Initially create, match & respond to applicants
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Create your requirement on the system so that you can publish it to the relevant places including the Agents Society and more.


Follow these 5 simple steps below...

1. Type of requirement

Start by choosing the type of requirement you are adding to the system

2. Add the contact or company associated to the requirement

This will never be shared to the society!

3. Summarise the requirement

Add a sector, a size preference and target budget.

4. Define the search area

Now select the search areas - this helps with matching. Select by clicking the map or the sub markets below. You can further define your preference within the text next.

5. Confirm the search criteria

With your requirement created add more detail to your search criteria, the more detail you add the better the matches.

Now time to publish this requirement - see how to publish your listing here.

Success - you just created your requirement!

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