Renewing my membership

Renewal process

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How can I renew my Membership?

  • You can email our support email - to request for details on your membership or to renew any memberships if needed.

  • If you do not have access - you can request for access on the below link;

  • This is then received by our success team who will be in contact with you regarding your access requested.

What are the costs of the different memberships?

  • Office Agents Society (OAS) - £100+VAT

  • Industrial Agents Society (IAS) - £75+VAT

  • West End Agents Society (WEAS) - £100+VAT

  • City Agents Society (CAS) - £80+VAT

When is the Annual Billing Year?

  • Office Agents Society (OAS) - 31st March

  • West End Agents Society (WEAS) - 31st March

  • City Agents Society (CAS) - 31st March

  • Industrial Agents Society (IAS) - 1 year form date of Invoice

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