Disposals: Create

Locate, define availability, add media and describe the opportunity

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Create your disposal on the system so that you can publish it to the relevant places including the Agents Society, your website and more.


Follow these 5 simple steps below...

1. Select location

Use the address lookup to find your property then position the map marker to refine the location. If the address is not right simply press "Manually Enter" to adjust it yourself.

2. Define availability

Fill out as much information as possible to increase your chances of matching with other society members requirements.

3. Upload media

To stand out on the society you should attach quality media. Upload as many images that you can in the largest size you can. Also ensure you have the latest Brochure attached too.

4. Add marketing text

Add marketing text for your disposal to give the society members the full picture of the opportunity. Use the pre-defined text fields or add more of your own.

5. Publish

Once your text is complete you've effectively added the numbers (availability), the pretty stuff (the media) and the text (marketing). Now time to publish this disposal - see how to publish your listing here.

Success - you just created your disposal!

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