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Adding a Landlord to Disposals
Adding a Landlord to Disposals

Here's your guide and some FAQs for adding landlords to your disposal listings on Kato and Agents Society

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Associate a Landlord to new Disposal Listings

Associate a Landlord to new disposal listings following these steps:

  1. Create a new disposal from your Society Dashboard.

  2. Provide your address and continue once you are happy with the Google Image and the placement of the pin on the Map.

  3. You will notice when moving onto associating assigned users and team that the new option of adding a Landlord appears whereby you can either add a new Landlord contact/company or use pre-existing details.

  4. Once done save and continue creating your disposal.

Add or edit the Landlord for existing Disposals

To add or edit a Landlord for an existing disposal, follow the below steps:

  1. Select the disposal in question and go through to the "Management" tab.

  2. Scroll down to Associated Contacts section.

    To Edit:

  1. Select the contact you would like to edit.

  2. Amend any details you feel necessary and save.

    To Add:

  1. Select Add Contact or Company.

  2. Select what kind of contact you are adding.

  3. Provide the necessary information and save.

Landlords on marketplace disposals

You are able to view the Landlord of the disposal within the Society by selecting the disposal in question and viewing its summary page as shown below:

You will see one of two scenarios:

  1. If the Landlord is shared, you will see the name of the Landlord:

2. If the Landlord is hidden you will notice the name of the Landlord is not visible anymore:

Add Landlords to current Disposals on the Society

Your current disposals published to the Society will be auto-marked as confidential however, should you want the Landlord to reflect, you are able to add this within the disposals "Management" tab.

  1. Select the disposal in question and go through to the "Management" tab.

  2. Scroll down to Associated Contacts section.

  3. Select "Show on Marketplace Listing".


Why have we made the change to add in Landlords?

We want to help ensure Society listings are are useful as possible to enable successful and swift deals for agents on both sides. By encouraging landlord reps to include the landlord on the listing, it provides better information for potential occupiers when choosing a new property.

How will this change benefit me?

Making the full details of a property available gives potential tenants and their agents a complete picture of the offer, providing reassurance and confidence.

Linking your properties with the relevant landlord ensures all of their properties link to the CRM section of Kato, helping you see a complete overview of activity and status.

It also helps you provide better reporting to your landlord - read more on landlord reporting here! All part of our drive to bring everyone in, and get everything done.

Can I publish my disposal to the Society without sharing the landlord?

Yes you can. Simply select the "Hide on Marketplace Listing" when you are publishing your property to the Society. You can also edit this by jumping into the property and then the Management tab.

What information is shared?

The only information shared is the company name for the landlord. Any individual contacts and contact details also stored against your disposal are not shared on the Society listing.

What about my existing listings - will landlord information on there be automatically shared?

No; all listings previously published to the Society will be set as confidential unless you edit them to set them as shared.

Are there further landlord changes to come?

One of Kato's aims is to bring everyone in, and get everything done. We continue to innovate to help you achieve this, but your data remains yours. Only information you choose to share will be shared with anyone else. The Agents Society marketplace and the individual societies we support are solely for agents. Stay tuned for product updates to help you collaborate more effectively than ever before.

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