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Training #1: Add properties to schedules
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Goal: find and match properties to a requirement's availability schedule.

This article will walk you through finding current availability on Kato to match to your requirement. You'll first need a requirement, follow this guide to create a requirement if you haven't already done so.

'Find Matches' via a requirement

When on a requirement, jump to the 'Find Matches' tab to start the process of matching properties to your requirement.

✨ Auto-matches

When you first get to the 'Find Matches' page Kato uses AI πŸ€– to present you with a list of properties it thinks are a good fit for your requirement.

✍️ Fine-tune matches

Sometimes you'll want to adjust the search criteria, you can do this using...

a. Quick filters at the top, allowing you to adjust the size range and search area.

​b. Advanced filters to adjust details such as budget, age and specs

c. Quick search if you know the property you want to add, simply type it in here

Optional: search by 'Society' is a feature only available to UK marketplace members. You can find out more about society matching here.

Review matches

Review the options on the map, or by clicking on the cards on the left. This allows you to quickly work through the properties key attributes and decide if it is a good option to add to your schedule.

Add to schedule

As you start to make your choices, select the options to add to your schedule either individually, or in bulk like this:

Success! With your properties added to your schedule, you can now start to enrich and organise them ready to report back to your client.

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