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Store key dates & notifications on transactions
Store key dates & notifications on transactions
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Goal: log key dates on a transaction [expiries, breaks, reviews] and set-up reminder notifications

This guide will walk you through adding key dates to a transaction and reminder notifications. You'll first need a transaction stored, use this guide first to create a transaction.

πŸ“† Log key dates

There are a number of key dates you can log against a lease in Kato.

  • Lease start / expiry

  • Lease Breaks

  • Rent Reviews

These can be done over a few pages within the transaction, the video below shows you where to add the dates:

πŸ“£ Set up notifications

Date reminders can be set up within each transaction. You also have your own personal preferences to decide if you want to be included in the reminder notifications or not.

Logging reminders on the deal:

Updating your personal preferences to receive reminders:

πŸ“§ Email reminders

Here is an example lease event email reminder you will receive on the relevant date:

πŸ“Š Dashboard reminders

Here is how lease event reminders appear on the homepage dashboard. Simple click through to see the details:

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